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Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is not a substitute for weight-loss.  The perfect patient is losing weight or close to ideal weight, active, and has a trouble spot.  Typically if you have a difficult bulge of fat that just won’t go away, CoolSculpting is a great option.


How long does a treatment take?

During your consultation a customized treatment plan will determine the time allotted for your treatment.  Typically a patient will be treated for 1 to 3 hours.


What does it feel like?

During the first few minutes of treatment you feel a deep, intense pressure accompanied by cold.  The intensity of the pulling and coldness reduces significantly after a few minutes.  It is common for patients to rest, read, work on and iPad or phone while getting treatment.


Is it painful?  Is there side effects?

Typically, there is minimal pain or temporary discomfort.  Most patients will experience some numbness at the area of treatment and a bruised sensation.  This is temporary and improves very quickly for the majority of patients.  There may be some redness, bruising, tingling, swelling, tenderness and itching- all details of what to expect before, after and during treatment will be available during your consultation


Can I return to work and normal activity after treatment?

Yes!  You may have some transient swelling, tenderness, numbness and tingling, but many patients go back to work or even hitting the gym.  We provide a post-treatment kit that helps you feel and look good!


Any special supplements, strict diet or exercise?

No!  We want to encourage patients to eat a normal, healthy diet and remain active.  The ideal candidate will be treating an area that doesn’t respond well to dietary change and exercise.  Many patients will consider a healthy diet and exercise because of the extra motivation the CoolSculpting treatment provides.  We will help support that process at Contour Medical.


When will I notice results?

Most will notice results after about three weeks, with your most significant results at 2 months.  Improvements continue for up to 6 months as your body continues to flush out the fat cell debris. 


What will my result be?

There will be a noticeable reduction in the fat in the treated trouble spot.  After an initial treatment, further reduction in the fat can be achieved through additional treatment.  Most find that one treatment reaches their contouring goal.  We can discuss a plan that is individualized and tailored to your desired result.


Is the reduction permanent?

The treated cells during the treatment are gone.  They are not coming back!  If you maintain a normal diet and your activity, the results will remain consistent.

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